Navajo Nation Scholarship Information Guide(2023)

Most people take a backseat when they hear the name Navajo Nation Scholarship. Well for the uninitiated, Navajo Nation is a part of New Mexico in the United States Of America.

The people from this place are not very proficient when it comes to finances. This scholarship is therefore applicable to only those children who are citizens of the Navajo Nation.

The initiative was taken up to give the students an equal opportunity and provide them with higher education. Due to the financial crunch, many of the promising students do not wish to carry on with higher studies anymore.

This sponsorship instills a ray of hope in those aspiring students who can be the torchbearer of success in their society. The Navajo Nation Scholarships are quite promising and they do tend to pass on opportunities to as many students as they can.

After the initiation of these scholarship programs, there has been a steady increase in the number of native American students completing their higher education.

What is the Navajo Nation Scholarship?

Like any other scholarship, the Navajo Nation Scholarship is a blessing for all those students who aspire to pursue higher education but are encroached upon by financial constraints.

This scheme recognizes students who are particularly good achievers when it comes to studies. However, the only prerogative is that he or she should belong to the Navajo Nation.

The scholarship amount is a whopping seven thousand dollars and it can be quite a good amount for the most professional. It is however completely merit-based and manipulations of any sort are not welcomed at all. 

There is an official council that looks after all the scholarships and financial assistance awards that the Navajo Nation offers. According to recent surveys, it has been assessed that they do help a lot of undergraduate as well as graduate students.

There are certain variants of the scholarship which are also accredited based on needs. The student has to maintain a minimum GPA so that they can claim the scholarship.

However, one of the most important requirements is that the student has to study in the Navajo language and under the Navajo government. One has to understand that this is an upliftment program and done with the view to better the conditions of the native land.

Once the students receive the scholarship, they can eventually work for the betterment of their community. The student also has to opt-in for twelve credits per semester and maintain a minimum of 3.0 GPA.

Not fulfilling this criterion may lead to the complete nullification of the application.

How can one apply for the program?

It is essential that before you make the final application you understand well the eligibility criteria. Each of the scholarship programs is different and therefore the criteria are also different.

To be eligible for the scholarship you’ll need to show any legal proof that you belong from Indian roots. In case you do not find the proof, contacting the advisor would be the best option.

A huge number of these programs require you to share the college or university enrollment number. Therefore it is a good idea to apply once you have enrolled for the same.

A majority of the programs are also need-based. Hence try to research well and then pick up a program that seems to compliment your needs the most.

You can simply log in to their website and read more about the same. Just type the URL and find an option that will say “apply online”. 

Choose the course which applies to you and apply.

What are the official documents required?

Applying for the program will require you to furnish the following official documents.

1.  Certification of Indian Origin

This is the single most important thing when it comes to applying for the Navajo Nation Scholarship. You have to submit an official Certification of Indian Blood or CIB for verification.

You do not need to make a new submission if you are already on board and have a previous file with them.

2.  Academic Transcripts

You have to submit a sealed copy of your high school academic credentials. It should contain all the detailed GPE and can either be submitted to the agency or mailed as well.

3.  Duly Filled Application

One can easily access the application from the official website. You have to complete the application duly and submit it to the agency.

4.  Admission letter

All the applying students have to submit a copy of their admission to the institution under which they want to pursue further studies. However, the institution must be accredited under the six regional associations of the Onnsfa.

5.  Financial Need Analysis

In case you are a full-time applicant, it is necessary to submit a duly signed Financial Need Analysis form. A financial Aid Officer will perform the necessary steps and complete the document for further documentation.

6.  A checklist for graduation degree

In case the applicant is a college junior, senior, or even a graduate he or she needs to submit a checklist about the courses that are required for the completion of the graduation degree.

The checklist must contain a signature from the advisory as well as the tentative date for the completion of the degree.Once you have successfully applied you can even check the status of your application.

You need to log in to the portal and then check the status under the “check my document” section. Applicants can also receive updates on whether there is any pending document that they need to submit.

The Navajo Nation scholarship is a great initiative undertaken that can lead to the betterment of the students who belong to this origin. It is done with a vision to increase the number of students who pursue higher education.

After all, there is no replacement for education and it is the only light that is capable of eliminating all the darkness. The Navajo Nation scholarship is very inclusive and does not discriminate. All you need to do is belong to the nation and the rest will be taken care of.

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