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Woodruff Scholarship Information Guide (2023)

The Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship, named for Its renowned businessman And philanthropist who led The Coca-Cola Company for a long time and gave liberally to Emory University, is the signature and founding scholarship of the Emory Scholars Program.

Young people who exhibit qualities of strong and Unselfish personality, intellectual and private energy, outstanding academic accomplishment, remarkable communication skills, important leadership and imagination in college or the wider community, and apparent possibility of improving the lives of their contemporaries in Emory University get these scholarships.

The Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship is given annually and is Robert W. Woodruff Scholars are Part of a larger neighborhood of Woodruff Scholars and Fellows that exist across All the Faculties and Faculties within Emory University. Robert W. Woodruff Scholars take part in events which bring together all campus Woodruff Scholars and Fellows for media and community building.

The Emory Scholars Program provides students with more than simply A merit scholarship. We invest in each Emory Scholar’s Individual Improvement Via a set of opportunities and programming that matches the signature

Woodruff Scholarship- Emboldening youngsters for megahit performances!

How did scholarships pop up?

In recent years, education has emerged to be one of the most essential and extortionate assets.

Most secondary school pass outs search for financial aid to chase the career of their dreams that requires considerable years of advanced education.

In such a scenario, students set their hearts on ‘Scholarships’, the most feasible and reliable form of financial assistance.

Boons of scholarships-

Scholarships are prestigious, merit-based, and come with a number of bonuses that are appended below.

  • You can restrain yourself and your family members from taking education loans.

          No loans, no repayment.

⚠️ But hello, a gentle reminder!!!

You really need to buckle down on winning scholarships.

  • Scholarships make it possible to access higher education, especially from a poorer background.
  • Scholarships affix mentorships with the prizewinner.
  • Scholarships introduce students to an array of networks.
  • Scholarships are an add-on to an individual’s resume.
  • A student becomes limitless in his/her endeavor.
  • Scholarships give rise to a philanthropist in a student or simply in ‘You’.

Brief about Woodruff scholarship bestowal-

Robert W.Woodruff or ‘Mr.Anonymous’, the former president of the Coca-Cola Company was a magnetic businessman and philanthropist.

In the year 1979, Mr.Robert Woodruff contributed $105 million to Emory College as a token of transformative gift.

The ingrained seed of that gift led to the creation of the Woodruff Scholars.

In recent years, more than 2000 salient scholars have benefited from Woodruff scholarships.

The intent of Woodruff scholarship-

Woodruff scholarship’s goal is plain sailing.

  • Use these scholarships to invite modest scholars to Emory University.
  • Lure community partners as well.
  • Strengthen students who are committed to their studies and can leave trails of inspiration.

Informative area of Woodruff scholarship-

◼️ Origin of Woodruff scholarship:

This scholarship program is U.S based and is granted by Emory University in collaboration with Woodruff Foundation.

◼️ Level of Woodruff scholarship:

The Woodruff scholarship program supports Undergraduate gifted students.

◼️ The specialty of Woodruff scholarship:

No favoritism here.

The Woodruff scholarship program is totally merit-based.

◼️ The amount allocated in Woodruff scholarship:

$72604 (approximately)

☑️Take note of: The amount awarded may or may not vary.

◼️ Timeline of Woodruff scholarship:

The deadline of the Woodruff scholarship is organized every year usually ranges from 1st November to 15th November.

◼️ Resumption of Woodruff scholarship:

The Woodruff Scholarship is a renewal for up to a total of eight regular academic semesters (Fall and Spring) of undergraduate education at Emory College of Arts and Sciences.

◼️ Coverage of Woodruff scholarship:

The Woodruff scholarship makes up for

  • full tuition
  • fees
  • on-campus room and board expenses

◼️ Application mode of Woodruff scholarship:

It’s absolutely an online contest.

Pressing eligibility to obtain Woodruff scholarship-

The Emory Woodruff scholarship program furnishes students with more than just a merit scholarship.

Subsequently, Scholar’s personal traits and other attributes are obligatory that complements Robert W. Woodruff’s interests.

1⃣ Those candidates who have been enrolled full-time as a first-year college student in Emory College of Arts and Sciences are eligible for this scholarship.

2⃣ All those young men and women who demonstrate

  • Traits of humility and altruistic character
  • Rational and personal robustness
  • Superlative educational achievement
  • Majestic communication skills
  • Noteworthy leadership
  • Inventive visionary in school or the broader community
  • and clear perspective for enriching the lives of their contemporaries at Emory University.

are eligible to take part in the contest to receive these scholarships.

3⃣ The applicants are not required to,

  • Fill additional nomination forms,
  • Write lengthy essays, or
  • Develop materials

to take part in the scholarship contest.

4⃣ Applicants do not need consideration or recognition by a high school counselor.

5⃣ All students at Emory University, irrespective of citizenship,

can be and should be considered for the scholar programs.

Surplus Woodruff scholarships-

Additional Woodruff scholarships are at hand.


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

How can I contact the organization to fetch further details on the Woodruff scholarship?

The applicant can seek information from the following.
📧 @ [email protected]
📞Call @ (404) 727-1480

Is Woodruff scholarship renewal?

Up to a total of 8 regular semesters.

Does Emory University grant other scholarships?

Yeah! They are mentioned above.
However, the Woodruff scholarship for undergraduates is the founding and signature scholarship.

Is the Woodruff scholarship competitive?

Like every other majestic scholarship, the Woodruff scholarship is high-flying.

Woodruff Scholarship Apply Link

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