Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship (2023)

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship is a special program for children and young adults that aim to provide a promising future to students interested in computer science, who are usually deprived of opportunities and advancement due to lack of money. Having to stay Offered by Amazon, the organization claims to support students under the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Program to support students who are well qualified for a variety of technology industries and who are well-suited to future-building jobs. Students taking advantage of the Amazon Future Engineering Scholarship need to apply through online mode. Today in our article, we are going to give information about this Amazon Future Engineering Scholarship Program only.

What help do students get through this scholarship?

Yes, youth is indeed supported through this scholarship, because this program of Amazon Feature Engineering Scholarship offered by Amazon provides support to senior youth studying in high school. Those who have fully studied computer science courses and have also been specifically accredited with computer science and are planning to pursue further studies i.e. to continue their education, and by whom the software is also thinking of making a career in engineering, computer science any other field related to computer.

To get this engineering scholarship offered by Amazon, the student first has to fill up the online form, after which he has to go through a test. Candidates are awarded only after passing that test and the winners are given up to $10,000 to continue their studies at an accredited college or university. Even if college students do not get jobs, Amazon keeps them as internships in their company. Amazon offers a better fee for its internships in the first year.

What is the eligibility for Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship?

For Amazon Feature Engineer Scholarship, the applicant must be an Indian citizen and apart from this, there are some of the following qualifications, which must be fulfilled.

  • A  U.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Employment Authorized to work in the United States.
  • High school seniors in the U.S. who are currently enrolled in or who have completed a high school or college dual degree course where computer science is the subject. 
  • Students who have not taken this course can opt-in to taking an assessment offered by Amazon.
  • Be planning to attain a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering, or another computer science-related field of study from an accredited 4-year college or from a 2-year college intending to transfer to a 4-year college.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent).

Must show financial need.

Educational Qualifications:

 If the candidate has studied BE or B. Tech then he is eligible for this scholarship, such as:

  • Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Information and Communication Technology.
  • Informatics and Engineering.
  • Information Science.
  • Information Technology.

Apart from this, the candidate is also required to pass Intermediate, CBSE, ICSE, or the qualifying examination of his educational board. However, the selection in this examination is also done based on a merit list in which the student has secured better marks in any institute, state, and national level examinations.

Financial Eligibility:

 It is also necessary to have financial eligibility to get the facility of Amazon Future Engineering. To take advantage of Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship, in addition to the appearance of the family, some expenses of the parents as well as the education and business of other family members, including any elder brother or sister, are also kept in view. For example, if the annual income of a family is less than 200000 then they are eligible for this scholarship. The financial eligibility of the applicant is also considered. Applicants for this scholarship who are the first graduates of their family will be given priority over the rest who are second or third-place children in their family to graduate.

Required Documents:

  • Age certificate.
  • Permanent address proof.
  • Certificate of your qualifications.
  • Scanned passport-size photograph.
  • A scanned signature.

 Apart from this, more minor documents are asked for formality in a particular case.

Contact details for Amazon Future Engineering:

Students, school administrators, teachers, or any parent who fully understands the power of computer science, and is also interested in learning with tools, not only to bring change in their society, Such people can join the mailing list through the website. They are, however, better trained by quality computer science teachers, to ensure that teachers have the best tools to make students feel confident.

If you want to inquire about amazon future engineering scholarship related to media or communication etc., also got to know about this scholarship by contacting the official email id of  

[email protected]

provided by them Can be The Amazon team will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible. If no reply is received in the mail sent by you, then you can also contact me at [email protected]. It will clarify and respond promptly to any program or scholar-related e-mails sent by you.

Deadline for Scholarship:

To get the Amazon Future Engineering Scholarship provided by Amazon, Amazon releases the notification every year in March. For the students taking advantage of this, they will have to perform better in the examination issued, as well as the eligible scholars will be provided Amazon Future Engineering Scholarship only after verification and their selection.

The application opened on November 1st, every year and will stay open through February 1 next year.

The selection will not be done based on merit but based on application, after passing the entrance. Not all applicants applying for this scholarship will be selected at all as recipients of the scholarship.

Purpose of Amazon Future Engineering Scholarship:

The main objective of the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship offered by Amazon is simply that it seeks to increase access to education in engineering, computer science, and all computer-related fields. To fulfill this objective, he assures all Indian young people across the country to support his academically talented and financially needy students based on their ability i.e. under this scholarship he can pursue computer science or information technology.

It wants to change the life of all the youth of India who is interested in Computer Science. Apart from providing the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship, it also provides much more financial and other support. Amazon seeks to provide mentorship from many experienced scholars in this field, as well as promote skill-building opportunities and networking in many ways.

This scholarship aims to inspire youth to a successful and professional career in the same generation so that their family can be completely lifted out of poverty. This scholarship does not consider the caste, community, or religion of the applicant but gives importance to the educational qualification of the candidate. Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship, The only eligibility criteria for this scholarship program are that you have good academic performance and only study technology, and aspire to increase family income.


The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship, offered by Amazon, provides a better facility for deserving and needy individuals interested in Information Technology and Computer Science to bring about a social revolution in the world of the IT Sector. Amazon promotes youth in the field of science under scholarship. To get Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship, you just need to apply by visiting their online page after which you will be awarded the scholarship based on merit. Amazon offers up to $10,000 per year to the winners to continue their studies at an accredited college or university.

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