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The Horatio Alger Scholarship Information (2023)

The Horatio Alger Association is an award that is associated with the largest college-based scholarship programs that are made with the assistance of high school students and faces great obstacles. The Horatio Alger Scholarship program is based on the prolific author that inspired several individuals. In order to fulfill the dreams of the individual, this scholarship has been introduced. The scholarships are provided to the targeted students that have pursued a specific University. The awards are presented with awards ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. The scholarship program also detects the finest student who is deliberately in need of the study material.

What is the purpose of the Horatio Alger Award?

The main purpose of the scholarship is to provide the students with the right amount of study material and financial cost. The scholarship has helped several students to get the opportunity of studying. The other purpose that it is used is bestowing the

Horatio Alger Award for the best and most deserving American scholars. The award is provided to those students who are

dedicated, have a purpose, and persevere in their personal and professional lives. The following recipients achieved with facing adversity. Horatio Alger Scholarship is an excellent scholarship that has helped in various ways and also stimulated all other activities. The other purpose of the award is to also honor the great man with great achievement and the students to get the students to form a good level of study.

Who is Horatio Alger and why is the Award Named after Him?

Horatio Alger (1832-1899) was one of the renowned writers and authors in historic American society. For long ages, he has been playing an important role in the time of the American revolution. He supported child education and guided the concept forward. More than 70 writings were published during his entire lifetime. There he taught the young Americans how honesty gets rewarded with respect and prosperity in the post-civil war period.

The Horatio Alger Scholarship award aims to promote the concept of education among the people where there will not be any discrimination between any classes of society. The award was presented in his name as he defined it for the students who have the capacity to study more but are unable to pursue it due to low financial conditions. He has been the main aim of the revolution and brought out new changes to the people. Thus, the award was dedicated in the name of the honorable author.

Horatio Alger Scholarship Eligibility?

The enrollment of the scholarship is by exhibiting in the full time as a high school and needs to be pursuing a bachelor’s degree at an accredited non-profit public or private institution in the United States. In this case, the following candidate can start the two-year institution and later get transferred to a four-year institution. The former student can also carry out co-curricular community service and displays with a minimum grade of GPA 2.0. The candidate also should maintain a United States citizen. The eligibility also follows under the vigilance given by the hierarchy and also its requirement could be achieved by detecting the process or any difficulties seen could be seen through the website.

What type of support gets students in Horatio Scholarship?

The program is directed to the primary recognition and the students who have achieved well in their academic fields. The students are compelled to exhibit good determination, perfect integrity, and perseverance in overcoming adversity. The advantage of the scholarship is that it provides good fees to deserving candidates and allows every student. Students get the benefit of achieving services, readiness, tools, support, and internships. The kind of support that has been applied is the periodthat runs from August 1st to October 25 and in which the online applications get uploaded within the eastern time. The students are considered for the national scholarship, state scholarship, and other pursuing degrees from the institution. The eligibility criteria changes within the specified time and therefore the details go to understanding various subjects for the betterment of the student.

Horatio Scholarship Contact Information:

Horatio Alger Association is situated in Alexandria. So, primarily it will be more profitable for the people who live in the nearby areas. They can visit the campus and contact the association physically. Moreover, if anyone wants to contact the authority over the telephone or via other media, they can avail of the mailing details([email protected]) or over the telephone ((844) 422-4200/ (800) 684-9040). More enthusiasts can go through the websites (application.horatioalger.org). Besides, if anyone would like to apply for the Horatio Scholarship, can visit their social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

Official Website URL click here- Horatio Alger Association

What is the deadline every year for the Horatio scholarship?

The Horatio Alger Scholarship program goes through different stages and the deadlines are confirmed on the official website from time to time. Naturally, there are many scopes of scholarships in several universities. The State Scholarships usually run from December to March every year. The 4-year undergraduate application is available annually from December 1 and close on March 15. The Career & Technical Scholarships get awarded on a rolling basis throughout the spring and summer. In fact, still, the application process for this scholarship is running for the people living in Montana.

The deadline changed with the required time frame. Targeted Scholarships can be applied also in a particular period. The process for application is still going on even. The last option is open for the National Scholarships. Those who are interested to apply for this, get clarified that the application for this scholarship is restricted between the month of December and March. Now the period might be changed by the decisions of the authority. One can verify the details on the website mentioned in the early lines. The deadlines are very important to follow as once it is passed out, it becomes tough to try again. 


The above description speaks about the scholarship program that would help to develop a good program for the students and therefore bring out the opportunity for the students. The program also deals with the providing of education to the candidates who are extremely poor and get the chance to study. The program suggests most of the functions develop the strategies and suggests the students rectify all the achievements. The Horatio Alger Scholarship deals with a standardized system for the students to get engaged with their studies. The syllabi that are conducted are all exclusive and fine for the students to gain more subjects and also gain more knowledge. The scholarship has the best interest by gaining more awards for the organization and foundation for granting more opportunities for the students. Nowadays these scholarship programs have become strict and require more details related to it. Therefore, it requires more stable information and details regarding it. The revolution has created various changes to the system by which it indicates the finest system and attributes about the best cost prices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How much is Horatio Alger’s scholarship?

Ans. The cost of the scholarship is around $25000

Q2. What are the criteria to have the scholarship?

Ans. The criteria that are required is to gain a GPA score of 2.0. The other official statements are given on the website.

Q3. What are the requirements of the scholarship?

Ans. The Scholarship program comes with the demonstration of integrity, the marks distribution, and holding of other applications. The scores played an important role and the criteria as all mentioned on the website.

Q4. How to apply for the scholarship?

Ans. The application for the scholarship is to be applied through the website. The application also suggests changes and it is all informed from time to time.

Q5. What is the importance of the scholarship?

Ans. The scholarship represents the person Horatio Alger who distributed a good contribution to the literary field. The scholarship helps to develop good things in the student such as reading, development in the study field, and suggestions about various topics.

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