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10 Best Mexican Universities You Should Know About (2023)

The country has been the home for gaining various student opportunities and deals with endless offers. The university has been offering many archeological facts and more details and descriptions about ancient times. It has been the home for galleries documenting cultural dynamism. It is filled with breathtaking landscapes, lush rainforests, an arid desert, and other mountains. Mexico is a book where scholars, travelers, and students come out to discover. There are very few reputed academic institutions or universities all around Europe, but maximum times, international students seek to apply only to the best Mexican universities.  

Mexican universities for international students:

1.National Autonomous University of Mexico

This university is considered the largest institution for higher education in Latin America. The university was founded in 1910 and produced students into notable personalities like politicians, artists, and scientists. It basically falls under the best Mexican universities and mainly focuses on disciplines and other practical experiences. The following university manages to deal with scientific research and aims at renewable energies. It is also engaged with the biomedical sciences, nuclear sciences, and other associates.

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2. Metropolitan Autonomous University

The university goes on to offer the best study activities for the students. It was established in 1974 and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Basic Sciences & Engineering, Biological Sciences & Health, Communications Sciences & Design, Natural Sciences & Engineering, Social Sciences & Humanities, and Science & Arts for Design. The brunch campuses are situated in various areas and provide foreign language and other student services. The university has supplied various norms and maintained discipline among each other.

3.The Autonomous University of Hidalgo State

The Autonomous University of Hidalgo State was totally executed with its establishment in 1869. Its roots are traced to the literary institute of the school of arts and crafts. It provides maximum education with subjects like Physical Math & Earth Science, Biology & Chemistry, Medicine & Health Sciences, Humanities & Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences & Economics, Biotechnology & Agricultural Sciences, and Engineering Sciences. The Autonomous university falls under the best Mexican universities implying good study materials. Students have also given their best reviews of the university.

4. Monterrey Institute of Technology

It is a private university that was founded in 1943 and came with 26 campuses. The university has encouraged the students to get the proper knowledge of Engineering, Medicine, Management, Social, Arts, and Human Sciences, with the values of entrepreneurship, efficiency, and responsibility. The following scholarship program amounted to 25% to 100% of the tuition amount each year (max $3,500) for 2-5 years. The eligibility status for the scholarship in a Master’s or Doctorate degree is under some formal terms and conditions. The scholarship criteria are subjected to different atrocities and are informed on the particular website.

Address: Av. Eugenio Garza Sada Sur 2501 Sur, Tecnológico, 64849 Monterrey, N.L., Mexico

Phone: +52 81 8358 2000

5. Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla

The former university is located in the parts of Acatzingo, Atlixco, Chiautla, and Chignahuapan. It has also been ranked amongst the best Mexican universities. It is reported to be liked by the students where the university displays a whole lot of activities. They are attended with regular dance shoes, biological sciences, sports, sociology, economics, accounting, and finance. It has great international recognition based on subjects such as administrative sciences, health properties, humanities, chemistry, exact sciences, and engineering.

6. The University of Guadalajara

The University of Guadalajarais located in one of Mexico’s largest cities and hosts around 210,000 students. It is existing since 1792 and is a public, secular, autonomous, and meritorious institution in Mexico. The university emphasizes its social commitment and promotes research in the scientific and technological fields. In the case of technical fields, it is categorized under the best Mexican universities, even one of the top-rated universities in Europe.

Address: Av Juárez 976, Col Americana, Americana, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico

Phone: +52 33 3134 2222

7.Instituto Politecnico Nacional

This university is one of the best Mexican universities. It scores 1095 as the best global university. Even 36.7 is its global score. The university campus is situated in Mexico City and has been providing specialized education to national and international students over the years. The authority arranges specific scholarships for the students, although some terms and conditions might be applied.

Address: Av. Luis Enrique Erro S/N, Nueva Industrial Vallejo, Gustavo A. Madero, 07738 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Phone: +52 55 5729 6000

8. Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi

Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi ranks as one of Mexico’s top 10 reputed universities. The university scores 1275 in Best Global Universities. It has a capacity for 61,000+ students, including international seats. The subjects that are popular in the institute are Chemistry, clinical medicine, food science, and technology, the university’s highest-ranked subjects.

9. Universidad de Sonora

The university is situated in Hermosillo, Mexico. Its score is 1766 in the global best university list. It also scores 92 in Best Global Universities in Latin America. Physics is a mainly well-taught subject in this institution. However, many students come from all over the world to study here.

10. Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

The autonomous university of Nuevo Leon is located in the northern part of Mexico. It is a public educational institution with seven campuses. The university was established in 1933, and since then, it has gained a good reputation till date. According to the analysis, the university can be placed as the 10th best Mexican university on the list. 

The Best Mexican Universities Scholarship:

The Ministry of Foreign relations funds the following scholarship program. The Mexican government has opened up for international students and offered them proper eligibility to study. In order to gain admission, it must fulfill the admission criteria and gain a high-performance grade.

The scholarship program attains a partial amount. The degree eligibility is for the candidates studying for a Master’s in Engineering & Innovation and Business Administration. The university offers a national scholarship and follows on listing out the requirements. It has other benefits: minimum wage, good health insurance, and discounted tuition fees.

The following program is an almost 90% tuition discount. The eligibility for the program of bachelor’s degree at the University of Monterrey. International students are highly welcome to gather on the scholarship program. Here the scholarship covers about 90% of its program, and before gaining, it needs to fulfill the requirement. The scholars must attain and score about 1300 for its eligibility.

  • Brotherhood Ricardo Guajardo Award

The minimum spending amount of the scholarship is 40% on tuition amount of 60% to acquire in socioeconomic grades. The eligible degree for the program is Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at Tecnologico de Monterrey. The following section goes on to offer a variety of scholarship programs and assists with foreign enrollments. The following scholarship program is private, and the award was designed to shoulder the remaining amount of the student’s grant. The student must carry a good academic aptitude which is more than 85%. The requirements include a good curriculum vitae of a 2-page essay and a signed letter.

The amount is maintained monthly within the duration of the program. The eligibility of the program is detailed for the master’s degree. The following postgraduate program scholarship is open for all international students who wish to complete further studies. It currently falls under the category of the best Mexican universities. The eligibility enrollment is indulged into a full-time program constituting a grade of 8 out of 10.

The scholarship amount is eligible for the candidates proceeding with a master’s or doctorate in Universitas Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. It is one of the top scholarships in Mexico for international students. The eligibility criteria of set up to minimum GPA that is set accordingly. The applicants must submit the following documents: birth certificate, diploma, exam certificate, and other official identity documents.

  • Baillères Scholarship

The following scholarship program is granted on the basis of its eligibility. It is also associated with the demonstration of economic necessity. The scholarship program is granted per program and comes with full payment. The minimum mark range that comes out is about 9.0.


Mexico has always been satisfied with its location, traveling, and education procedure. The country is highly known for its better education system, representing a high number of QR education system strength rankings and much more. The following application would help in going through the procedure of coming to the final closure of the process. The experts have reviewed that the best Mexican universities provide all the basic needs for the students and are the best place to review the details of education. These universities have a variety of subject contracting which has helped to bring in opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. What is the number 1 university in Mexico?

Ans. According to some journal analysis, the number 1 university in Mexico is Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Q2. Is a Mexican University degree valid in the USA?

Ans. Yes, as the government would grant and accept the degree on the basis of the merits, rules, and regulations.

Q3. Is Mexico good for international students?

Ans. Mexico is ranked among the five affordable educational destinations for international students. The country provides the most standard quality education at a minimum cost and a comfortable life.

Q4. Is the National Autonomous University situated in Mexico?

Ans. Yes, it is in Mexico City. Also, it is named as Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

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