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Shawn Carter Scholarship Information Guide (2023)

The following scholarship program deals with the funds and also offers motivation for the students to proceed with more achievements. It also facilitates the removal of the burdens and associates with the given criteria. The program also plays an important role by providing maximum grants, reapplying for individual grants, and covering tuition and expenses. It has certain criteria regarding marks distribution for the following scholarship. It also covers facilities such as books, lab fees, travel, and selection costs. The scholarship program is considered the best form of financial aid. It provides competitiveness among the student. Amongst all, the Shawn Carter scholarship program is considered a unique piece.

Eligibility for the Shawn Carter Scholarship:

The basic eligibility criteria of the Shawn Carter scholarship are,

  • The requirement for the language is English.
  • The countries eligible are U.S. citizens.
  • It is suitable for students pursuing an undergraduate degree
  • High senior schools are also needed for the following application.
  • It is also associated with vocational and trade schools.
  • A minimum age of 25 years is required to fulfill the criteria
  • The household income is exceeding with almost 75,000 USD. It has the capacity to deal with other expenses.

Course support or eligible courses on scholarship:

Almost all kinds of courses are available in the Shawn Carter scholarship assets. It attains to deal with more developments and details of the function. The scholarship program is handled by recipients and qualified personalities relying on the admission and graduation series. It serves the student in fitting the finite spots and returning as scholars. The Foundation generally goes through a GPA between 2.0 and 3.0. In a recent study between 2021-22, between 54%. The income is about $40,000. The following program is arranged according to their marks and subject distribution. The Shawn Carter scholarship has a range of packages. The courses that they cover with their scholarships are,

Be bold scholarship

The ‘Be bold scholarship’ program is a unique program popular among all foundations. It will be awarded to the applicant and those who have the boldest profile. It takes 2 minutes to complete and fill in the credentials. The term ‘bold’ for the following scholarship is being earnest, determined, and moving. Award is provided to the boldest students, and it is very prestigious.

Big future scholarship

The following application is open for seniors in high school. The eligibility is dispatched to the school itself. If the eligible candidate completes the college, then the College Board would earn almost $500 and additional money for $40,000 for an extra chance to fulfill the criteria. This package has no essay fill-ups, but it generally requires suggesting the minimum GPA rates. The steps are very simple to enter into the scholarship drawings. Here a candidate may achieve up to $40,000. The eligibility for a ‘Big future scholarship’ is similar. The applicant needs to be a high school student, and the home should be located within the United States. The locations can also be in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Columbia, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and some areas of the Northern Mariana Islands.

No essay Nitro Scholarship

The eligibility for ‘No essay Nitro’ is that the student must hold high school senior credibility. They must be located inside the United States. The candidate’s parent must be residing nearby the university. The Foundation may check the annual income details of the student to enlist the applicant.

College express scholarship

The program was established in 1995 and held a mission to connect with the students. Thousands of students come across the scholarship program and wish to enroll in it every year. The eligibility of the scholarship is that it must be of 13 years or older up to 50 years. They must be a citizen of the USA. The candidate should also hold and attend high school or college.

S.P. college scholarship

The program is assisted with the creation of hassle-free paperwork. The application is easy to form and eligible for candidates aged 13 years. Here also, the applicant is required to reside inside the states of America. It is reported that over $650,000 are mostly paid as the ‘S.P. college scholarship.’

Niche $50,000 scholarship

This scholarship is for students who cannot pay tuition, living expenses, and books. The main intention of this scholarship is to help needy, backward-class children to build their well-established future. All candidates from junior to senior can apply for the scholarship program. The winner of this particular scholarship program gets directly informed through an e-newsletter.

Common app scholarship

The following program and application are for those students who spend much time preparing for Common App. The eligibility criteria are, first, under grades 11 and 12. Attending college or university and achieving a GPA mark of almost 2.4.

Theil fellowships

The scholarship mostly values various award sections. It is a two-year program that allows us to build new things and supports the networks. The plan is for two years, and the candidate receives up to $100,000. There is a former deadline that is set accordingly. The minimum age limit for the scholarship is 22 years. The following application is being launched through the medium of hardware and other conditions.

Capex easy money scholarship

The Capex scholarship application is fast and easy. The following scholarship is only for high school, juniors, and first-semester candidates. The scholarship program is only for those who are indulged in volunteer work, extracurricular activities, and special circumstances. All these categories are being dealt with, bringing competition among the candidates.

How much funds are provided for scholarships?

The Shawn Carter scholarship program is analyzed through the primary academic merit. In different countries, the various perspectives and needs also matter. It depends on the gender of the study and race. The basic item held from the very end is taken out in the form of waivers and fellowships. This kind of activity assigns a student to a different level. Commonly the scholarships come from a variety of sources, and it includes clubs, charities, organizations, and foundations. The government is so included in the program that it helps to form the financial assistance of merit aid. It delivers about 25% of one year’s tuition fees. To gain more profits, it would require an amount of $5,000-$10,000. The funds are received and distributed to deserving candidates and even to some charity foundations.

The right time to apply for the scholarship:

It is always possible to apply for the scholarship as there are several programs, but certain deadlines need to be met within the time range. Like the Shawn Carter scholarship, which maintains a deadline, the students interested in the scholarship program are notified. The right time for applying to the scholarship program is before starting high school and also finishing submitting the college applications. The actual timing for the application for the next session is 1st April 2023, and it may run up to 30th April (11:59 PM EST).

Contact information:

The following details are all assumed to be developing in a different manner. All the contact details of the scholarship program are entitled on the official website.

They designed a website where you can visit and send mail to catch their attention. Their website address is- ‘

For contact go to the Contact page on website and sent the message for information required.


1450 Brickell Avenue 18TH Floor , Miami, FL 33131 USA


The entire scholarship program is based on nationality, personal interest, GPA, and language. The scholarship program is also for swimmers, pianists, Fantasy Football players, and students. It is available for LGBTQ individuals and helps to instinct about the application. The Shawn Carter Scholarship has helped to motivate various students and its education program. It has helped to overcome the financial burdens. The program has helped millions of students, and its criteria for applying for the scholarship are very simple. The scholarship received from the former state can be easily used for other academic purposes as well.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. What is the main coverage of the Shawn Carter scholarship program?

Ans. The following tasks cover the supplements of education programs, books, lab fees, travel, and other costs. The maximum grants of the program are $1500- $2500.

Q2. How to make an application for the Shawn Carter scholarship?

Ans. The steps are easy and convenient and are dealt with,
Step 1: The following task is visiting the official website, which will be only available in April.
Step 2: The second step is to complete the entire application form early. The application should be submitted by the current deadline.
Step 3: After completing the application form, you might be asked for extra extracurricular activities.
Step 4: Reviewing the application

Q3. Are graduate students applying for the Shawn Carter Scholarship?

Ans. The Foundation does not entertain students who are pursuing graduate degrees in the upcoming fall.

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