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10 Best Universities for Anthropology in the World (2023))

Anthropology is an interesting and unique subject that deals with the study of the culture, sociological outlook, science prevailing in society and genetics, social science, and social values ​​of human beings.  That is, in Anthropology, various aspects of human society prevailing in the past and present are studied. In simple terms, it is studied how life has been affected by language, culture, and social events. Along with this, the biological developmental aspects of human beings are also studied closely in it. There are a total of 12 courses in Anthropology out of which 10 courses are related to humans. In this article, we know about The best Universities for Anthropology in the world.

10 Best Universities for Anthropology In The World

 There are many universities in the world for the study of Anthropology, where every aspect of it is analyzed. Along with natural science, anthropology, the physical characteristics of man, the origin of man, changes in the body, and how the species of man are gradually changing from the past, all these facts come in the information of Anthropology. So let’s know the 10 best universities for Anthropology in the World:-

University of Cambridge

 This university ranks number one worldwide for the study of Anthropology, located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. The overall score of this university is 97.8. This university has separate departments of Archeology and Anthropology. Along with this ‘Best Anthropology graduate programs’ are also run at this university. The University of Cambridge has been ranked at the top of the list of Top 10 Universities for Anthropology. There are many such colleges under the List of top Anthropology Colleges in the World based on the 2022 Ranking, which mainly comes under the University of Cambridge.

University of Oxford

 This university comes second for the study of Anthropology, which has been established in Oxford, United Kingdom. There are many courses available in the field of Anthropology at Oxford University, such as – Material Anthropology, Medical Anthropology Visual Anthropology, etc. Information about all these subjects is given in this university.

Harvard University

 This university comes third in the world, which is in a place called Cambridge, United States. Its overall score is 96.3. Also, there are many research laboratories in this university where students get teaching and supervision. The main objective of this university is to develop new methods for human beings so that all modern technologies including the internet can develop rapidly. To strengthen the global economy, it is necessary to develop new methods. The students who have earned degrees from this university have the skills to work in every corner of the world in every field like NGOs, law, government work, medicine, and business.

The University of California, Berkeley (USB)

 The University of California ranks fourth in the world with an overall score of 93.5. It is in a place called Berkeley, USA. This university has a different area to study every aspect of Anthropology. In this the Best Anthropology graduate programs in the World are held.

The Australian National University (ANU)

 This university ranks fifth among all the best universities around the world, with an overall score of 92.7. This university has been established in a place called Canberra, Australia. ANU is a great university that emphasizes the principles and methods of anthropology. It offers a range of programs that build skills by providing students with knowledge of ethnographic theory and their methods, as well as training in analysis, research, as well as optional language training.

UCL- University College London

 This university is ranked sixth in the world and has an overall score of 92.6. This university is located in London, United Kingdom. Apart from this, this university also has its separate language laboratory for teaching training and research of anthropology. It is considered a very popular university for the study of medicine, law courses, science as well as anthropology, this university is known as the global University of London. The number of international students is about 53% who always strive to create a friendly and multicultural environment. The facility of Best cultural anthropology graduate programs is also available here.

University of Chicago

 This university is known as the seventh in the world.  Also, let us know that its overall score is 92.2. It is located in Chicago, United States. This university was established in 1890, and the course of a bachelor’s degree here is of full 4 years. This is followed by a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. The facility of the Best Anthropology graduate programs in the World is also available here.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

 The overall score of this university is 90.8.  It is the ninth-best Anthropology University in the world, located in Los Angeles, United States. In this university, students are motivated to know their skills, as well as they, are also provided with the facility to interact with the alumni. From here the students are not only prepared for the future but they are also provided with the insights to make their future. Colleges under the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) are counted on the basis of the List of top Anthropology Colleges in the World based on the 2022 Ranking.

University of Toronto

 In this university, all the materials are provided for the study of the human species and their civilizations and archaeological elements. For this reason, its overall score worldwide is 89.8. This university is in Toronto, Canada. All types of the necessary equipment are provided here for the student. In this, the Best Anthropology graduate programs in the World are held.

National University of Singapore (NUS)

 It is known as Singapore’s best university for anthropology with an overall score of 86.6. Various universities of the world run various programs for the students of Anthropology so that they can better understand the aspects of the subjects they have studied. Many such programs are organized at this university. The facility of Best Anthropology graduate programs in the World is also available here.

Four fields of Anthropology:

 The study of Anthropology is divided into 4 areas so that students know different departments of Anthropology and can easily choose their field. Its four areas are archaeology, physical anthropology and sociological anthropology, and linguistic anthropology.

  1. Archaeology– This subfield of anthropology is known as ‘The main field of anthropology’.  Under this area, there are departments like full-time faculty and adjunct faculty. Under the full-time faculty, the study of prehistoric archaeological objects is done in groups. In addition, the adjunct faculty studies the classics, history of art, geology, Near Eastern languages ​​, civilizations, and geophysics. In this field you are also provided with laboratory facilities for archaeological research, a PVD museum and teaching of animal bird analysis, archaeological metallurgy- planet analysis, GIS, and ceramic analysis methods.
  • Biological anthropology – The centre of biological anthropology is the development of humans and humans, it includes the study of the state of human behaviour and all subjects of morphology. Biological anthropology draws strength from the archaeology and ecological anthropology subfields of anthropology. The science in this has a long-standing relationship with the departments of genetics, evolutionary biology, geology, surgery and forestry environmental studies, etc. The department has also been provided with computer facilities for the candidates, a dissection laboratory, and a dry laboratory with miscellaneous fossil cast collection.
  • Socio culture anthropology – It is considered to be the cultural socio-cultural department of anthropology, in which the analysis and research supervision of subjects based on socio-cultural moral knowledge is done. In this Faculty, those members who are mainly concerned with the political-economic-historical point of view, such people here study the relationship between cultural and political economy and social change in detail.  Apart from this, gender is also explained in detail in this.  Linguistic anthropology is explained through the ‘Best cultural anthropology graduate programs’ held intermittently in each university.
  • Linguistic anthropology– Linguistics has been recognized as a major element since the inception of Anthropology. Linguistic anthropology is also considered essential to other areas of science. Also, language anthropology is the study of human language in detail, in which the account of all the languages ​​​​from the past to the present is found.  Students studying Anthropology, especially those studying sociological sciences, are allowed to make use of the resources provided in this branch of the department. Also, under linguistics, the study of various civilizations of Southeast Asian, East Asian, and Eastern languages, besides all aspects of literature, including departments and programs, is studied and supervised.


Here we have analyzed the above 10 best universities for anthropology in every detail, where the best anthropology graduate programs in the world are organized to give the students an in-depth knowledge of anthropology. Along with this, here we have also made you aware that ‘What is Anthropology?’. Apart from this, various aspects related to it like four fields of anthropology have been mentioned, in which all aspects related to anthropology are studied deeply. For information, let us tell you that in Anthropology, not only the human past is studied, but such plants which were found in earlier times but have become extinct in the present times, such unknown plants are also discovered. Apart from this, their use is also explored.

Such anthropologists do research in different parts of the world. Some anthropologists focus on making new medicines from plants. In such a situation, to be honest, this is a very interesting and unique course. So if you also want to study further about the subject of Anthropology and are looking for a good university for yourself, then your search is over. All the universities we have listed here are the best universities for Anthropology. Lakhs of students from here are working on good posts in their field by getting degrees.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which is the best university in the world for Anthropology?

Ans: The University of Cambridge’ is known as ‘The best university for anthropology

Q2. Which is the famous university for Anthropology in Chicago?

Ans: The ‘University of Chicago’ is the famous Anthropology University of Chicago

Q3. What is mainly studied in Anthropology?

Ans: Anthropology is primarily the study of the past of human civilization.

Q4. What is the study of Anthropology called?

Ans: Analysts who study anthropology are called anthropologists

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