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Mckay Scholarship (2023)

Mckay Scholarship is a scholarship program run by the Education department of Florida. This scholarship is given to differently disabled students so that they can attend eligible private and public schools under this scholarship program. This scholarship program was launched in 1999 to provide free education to especially disabled children especially children with speech or language impairment, blindness, dual sensory impairment, an orthopaedic impairment, specific learning disability and other types of disability.  The government of Florida will take care of all the expenses of schooling the students under this scholarship program.

Mckay Scholarship Eligibility

Any student with a disability recognised by the Government of Florida who has an Individual Education Plan can get Macky Scholarship if they meet the following criteria:

  • The student applying for this scholarship must have done his or her prior schooling in Florida Public School as the Florida School district must report about the student during the preceding October and February  FTE surveys in Pre-Kg to grade 12. [OR]
  • The student must be enrolled and reported for funding by the Florida School for Deaf and the Blind during the preceding October and February student membership surveys from Kinder-garden to class 12th. [OR]
  • The student who wants to apply must have received services under Specialized Instructional Services {SIS} program during the previous school seasons and must have a current IEP developed by the local school board in accordance with State Board rule. [OR]
  • The student who wants to apply to this scholarship must be a foster child or a dependent child of a member of the United States Armed Forces who was transferred to Florida from out of state due to the parent’s permanent change of station orders. [AND]
  • The guardian must had notified the school district in a written or an electronic form at least before 60 days of receiving the first payment amount.
  • The guardian must have obtained acceptance for admission of the student to a private school which is eligible for this program.

NOTE:  Hospitalized and home-bounded child are not eligible for this program but can apply for this program only if Florida Public School or any other government recognised school recognised the child as a student of their institute and also the student meets all the eligibility criteria that are mentioned above.

Mckay Scholarship Deadline:

In order to get 100% amount of the Mckay Scholarship a student must apply their application form before 3rd July and must take admitted in a private school within 2nd August of the same year.

If a student submits his or her application by 2nd September and takes admitted to a private school within 2nd October same year then he or she will get 75% of the scholarship amount.

If  a student submits his or her application by 3rd December and takes admitted to a private school within 2nd January next year then he or she will get 75% of the scholarship amount.

If a student submits his or her application by 31st January next year and takes admitted to a private school within 2nd March next year then he or she will get 75% of the scholarship amount.

Mckay Scholarship Benefits:

Mckay scholarship is one of the best programs that is run by the state government of Florida. This scholarship program helps especially disabled students to get a quality education for free without any charges. Macky Scholarship pays the private school fees and tuition fees of students under this program. The scholarship amount is calculated on the basis of various things by officials of the Individual Education Plan [IEP} or the 504 plan and services by the district.

Some benefits of the Mckay Scholarship are noted below.

  • This scholarship program enables especially disabled students to get quality education and study in private schools across Florida.
  • Students under this scholarship program can get the scholarship money until their graduation from high school.
  • Every year the scholarship amount is updated by the authorities.
  • If any student cannot submit the application within the deadline then also he or she can get some percentage of money of the scholarship if can submit the application within a given time.
  • In case the student chooses a public school to study by the scholarship amount then the authorities and government of Florida will solely be responsible for the transportation of the student.

Contact Details:

Toll Free Phone Number: 1-(800)-447-1636

Fax Number-  (850)-245-0875


Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice
Turlington Building, Florida Department of Education
325 W. Gaines Street, Room 1044
Tallahassee, FL-32399-0400

Website- Click here for Mckay Scholarship


Mckay scholarship is a great program for specially disabled children. This scholarship program offers great learning opportunities to especially disabled students. Student under this scholarship gets a fixed sum of money after a fix interval of time for their education and if a student chooses to study in a public school under this scholarship program then he or she will get transportation to and from school for free by the State Government of Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers- FAQs:

Q1. Is applying for Mckay Scholarship is free?

Ans. Mckay Scholarship is absolutely free scholarship program which is funded by the State Government of Florida and given to especially disabled students to get a quality education for free. Therefore you do not have to pay a single penny on applying for this scholarship program.

Q2. What are the options available for a student under this scholarship program?

Ans. A Student under this scholarship program has many options. Some of those are mentioned below:
He or she can attend another public school in the same district he or she is currently living in.
He or she can attend another public school in another district that has space and provides the services identified in the student’s individual education plan. He or she can attend any private, sectarian or non-sectarian school.

Q3. How much time will I get this scholarship?

Ans. A Student will get Mckay Scholarship until he or she graduates from High school or return to public school or reaches the age limit of 22 years.

Q4. What is the age limit for applying for this scholarship?

Ans. Any student can apply to this scholarship program from kindergarten to class 12.

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