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9 Best Universities in Mexico | Mexico Best Universities List

Although there are many famous universities in Mexico, out of which 9 is the best university. In a university where students who come to study do physical activity along with studies, all the things of their comforts are kept there. In these top nine universities, along with technical help to the students, full care is taken for mental health as well. That’s why students who are very quick to read should study in the best school in Mexico. Here students are given better education and job is also 100% guaranteed. If any of you want to study at the University of Mexico, then this article of ours is going to be very important for you. Here we are going to tell you about the top nine best universities in Mexico.

9 Best Universities in Mexico list

best universities in Mexico ‘s list is mention as below

The Univarsedad Nacional Autonoma de Mexicco University (UNAM) :

The first name that comes in the Top 9 best Universities in Mexico is Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) University, it is the largest university in Mexico. It ranks 113 out of all the famous universities around the world. The University of Mexico has been rated highly for Teaching Employed, Education, and Job Placement as well as for the best environment. This university was established in 1910 and today more than 400000 students study at this university. It is believed that the main campus of this university has been selected by UNESCO as a heritage site. Both architecture and modern art are presented in the university tradition.

Technologico de Monterrey (ITEMS)

Technologico de Monterrey Mexico, this university is a fully secular and co-educational private university. It was developed to cover 35 campuses across the country. It is also one of the best universities out of 45 in the world has been ranked 5QS stars and is widely recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America. It was founded in 1943 by Eugene Garza, a prominent MIT-educated industrialist. This university has always had good relations with the Mexican business elite, according to the Times Higher Education, as of 2019 it is the 15th university in the world with students to become the biggest billionaires in the business world. Due to all its achievements, this university is ranked second in the Top 9 Best Universities in Mexico.

Best Universities in Mexico 1
Top Universities in Mexico

Ractoria General Universidad nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)

This university comes at number third in the Top 9 best Universities in Mexico. Universidad nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) is a Mexican public university from Zara. It is one of the best universities in all of Latin America and has the most active students in artistic, technical, and research matters. Due to the secular and open nature of this university, lakhs of applications are made to study here and its demand is also the highest. It was originally established on 21 September 1551 but was closed for some reason, which was reopened on 22 September 1910. This university has the largest campus in the world. This is a University where research is done by scientists in all fields of knowledge. Many Nobel laureates have studied at this university.

Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN)

The Instituto Politecnico Nacional IPN, also commonly known as the National Polytechnic Institute, is considered one of the largest public universities in Mexico. More than 172600 students study in this university from high school to undergraduate and higher graduate level. It is the second largest and best university in Mexico in technical and engineering fields according to QS’s anniversary rankings in 2018. This university is also considered one of the Top 9 Best Universities in Mexico.

This university was established on 1 January 1936 during the reign of President Lázaro Cárdenas. The institute has more than a hundred academic units, of which 20 business schools, 27 colleges, 22 scientific and technical research centers, 18 education centers, as well as many smaller educational units supported by it. Two research institutes have been established by this university for research in the field of engineering and science. Apart from this, 8 subsidiary units have also been opened for the construction of the industry.

Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA)

Universidad Iberoamericana, (UIA) for short is a Mexican private institution with proper education and is sponsored by the Society of Jesus. In 2009, UEA received the SEP-ANUIES award as the best private university in Mexico. It is ranked 701 in the world and seventh in Mexico based on the QS World University Rankings. This university was established on 7 March 1943. In 1982, Universidad Iberoamericana opened its campus in two sites in the city of Tijuana, one of which rented out the campus and the other to La Paz College. Later the Civil Hospital building took this place on rent. This university comes under the Top 9 best Universities in Mexico.

In the early stages, only architecture, graphic designing, and law degrees were taught in this college. At present, this university has several departments Where lakhs of students study every year, Such as the Faculty of Arts, Religious Sciences, Department of Social and Political Science, Department of Economics, Department of Philosophy, Department of Management and Public Accounts, Department of International Studies, Department of Chemical Engineering and Science, Department of Physics and Mathematics.

Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM)

Mexico Autonomous Institute, also commonly known as ITAM, is a completely private university. This university is one of the best institutions of higher education in all of Mexico. This university is also included in all the universities under the Top 9 best Universities in Mexico. This university has the highest reputation in the social sciences, and the students studying here emerge as better thinkers, especially in the social fields. This university is considered the think tank of Mexico, and it has the highest rank for providing foreign service.

Universidad de Gualdalajara (UDG)

The University of Guadalajara is the largest public higher education institution in Mexico City. This university has several high and graduate schools, which are spread all over the state of Mexico. Such a university is considered to be the largest and most important university in the state. Due to its similar characteristics, it is counted among the Top 9 Best Universities in Mexico. It was established on November 3, 1792, as a royal university. If seen chronologically, this university is the second oldest in Mexico, seventh in North America, and also the fourteenth oldest in Latin America.

Universidad autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL)

The Autonomous University of Nuevo León, also commonly abbreviated as UANL, is one of the largest public universities in the Mexican city of Seven Angels. It was established on 25 September 1933 as the University of Nuevo León. It is the largest public university in Mexico by student population, with the largest number of students attending. It is Northeast Mexico’s most important institution for higher education and Mexico’s third largest public university. It is also the oldest university in the state and its headquarters are located in Monterey. Top 9 best Universities in Mexico out of all the universities, this university is known as one of the main universities.

36 high level schools are also run by this university, out of which 8 are technical high schools. Apart from this, there are two such international schools where two different languages ​​are taught. There are a total of 25 such schools across the state, which are not the property of UNL, due to which they have been included in the property of the university.  This University fulfills all the criteria of Every School,College And the Institution.

Universidad de Las Americas Puebla

This university, commonly known as UDLAP, is a large private university in Mexico, located in San Andrés, Puebla. UDLAP universities are known for programs in finance, arts, science, social science, and economics. It is considered one of the most important and prestigious universities in Latin America. It has been declared the best private and largest campus university by the Universal newspaper of Mexico. There are 7 largest and best-accredited universities in the whole of Latin America, including this one. International study programs are run by this university. In which more than 300 universities have been provided by them in 30 countries. UDLAP University has also been the most successful in the field of sports. The team of this university has set many records in the Mexican National Games. This university has been given a special status in the Top 9 best Universities in Mexico.

Is Mexico’s Degree valid in the United States?

Yes, Mexico’s degree is fully recognized in America, apart from this, the degrees there are also considered equal to American degrees. And if you also have a Mexican degree, then you can easily get any job in America, just for that, you have to show your degree and also proof of study.


In this article, we have told about the Top 9 best Universities in Mexico. All these top 9 universities are the best educational institutions in Mexico, which have contributed significantly in every field of science, social science, sports economics, business, etc. All these universities in the states have also done much research in scientific, engineering, and psychological fields. I hope you have got complete information about the Top Universities in Mexico in this article.

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