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Palmetto Fellows Scholarship Information Guide, USA (2023)

What is So Specific about the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship?

The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship was started in the year 1988. It is a Merit-based program that was administered by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

The main purpose behind arranging this scholarship program was to identify the most academically talented high school seniors in South Carolina and encourage them to attend college in-state for higher education.

A drastic enhancement of this program took place in the year 2007 where the number of students with major subjects like mathematics, science, and health was increased. 

palmetto scholarship
Palmetto Scholarship Information

What would a student receive through the Palmetto Fellow Scholarship?

Students with Palmetto fellows scholarships would receive $6,700 during their initial years and $7500 during their sophomore, junior and senior years.

Besides that, the eligible students for both the Palmetto Scholarship and the enhancement would receive an award of up to $10,000 every year.

These scholarship programs were designed for the students to provide support to the cost of their attendance in any four year public institution situated within the state.

What are the General Requirements for a Student to be Eligible for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship?

The eligibility requirements for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship are as follows.

●    Enrolled in SC schools

The candidate should join in any approved public school, private school, or home school program in South Carolina

●    Citizenship

Should be a green card holder which means that the student should be a US Citizen during the time when he/ she graduates from high school.

●    Should be serious

The student should be serious when it comes to attending or applying to any four year institution located in south Carolina.

●    No convictions

The candidate should prove that they have not been convicted of any kind of felony or alcohol or any other drug-related misdemeanor offense in their past academic years.

For this, the students have to submit signed affidavits to the financial aid office present in the college.

●    Not enrolled in another degree-seeking program

The students do not have to be the receiver of the LIFE Scholarship, South Carolina Hope scholarship, or lottery tuition assistance in a similar academic year.

What are the Rules to Follow After the Palmetto Fellow Scholarship Has Been Received?

Once you receive the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship don’t think that the responsibilities are over. You need to follow certain rules and regulations even after you are done with the scholarship program. Or else, the scholarship will be terminated!

Check out the following criteria you need to fulfill throughout your degree.

●    Enrolled full time

One must join a full-time course at an eligible institution during the time of disbursement of the scholarship.

●    GPA

The student has to achieve a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA at the end of every Academic year.

●    Non-remedial credits

They should have achieved at least 30 non-remedial credit hours for the purpose of graduating at the end of every academic year.

●    Be a resident of SC

One has to keep the residency maintained in South Carolina for tuition and fee purposes.

●    Not be a defaulter

Should not be a defaulter or should not owe a repayment on any state or financial aid. This can be fulfilled by giving a signed affidavit to the college financial aid office.

●    No loans

Should not be in any kind of default of any state or federal loans.

●    No convictions

The student should prove that they have not been convicted of any alcohol or drug-related activities.

This can be done by again submitting an affidavit to the financial aid office present in the college.

●    Fill other applications

Need to fill other applications that have been asked by the financial aid office during the admission.

What Eligibility Criteria does One need to Meet to Receive the Scholarship Enhancement?

The students looking for the Scholarship enhancement need to meet the following eligibility criteria mentioned below.

  • Candidates should be the recipient of the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship
  • They should have achieved at least 14 credit hours of instruction in subjects like maths, life science, or physical science, or both by the end of the academic year of college enrollment.
  • Thirdly, the candidate should declare an approved major in fields like science, maths, or health-related at the particular university or institution only.

Palmetto Scholarship Contact Information-

Email id [email protected]

Phone No.- 803-737-2244

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- If a student is homeschooled, what would be the criteria?

Ans- In case if someone is homeschooled then they need to meet the following criteria.
1- Must submit a ranking report on the association’s letterhead which should include the class rank and GPA.
2- Should be homeschooled under a recognized homeschool association present in South Carolina. 

Q2- Which last SAT / ACT date is used to qualify for the scholarship?

Ans- In order to qualify for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship for the yearly awards, the test scores would be accepted via March test administrators of the senior year. However, the late awards, the test scores will only be accepted with the help of the June national test of the senior year.

Q3- Will a student who has attended school out of the state can apply for the scholarship or not?

Ans- The answer is yes, if a student has attended high school out of the state, then he is still eligible to apply for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship under the terms that they should be a resident of South Carolina.

Q4- How to apply for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship?

Ans- Students looking to apply for the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship should know that it is an easy process.  The school representatives are given the application materials by the South Carolina Guidance Counselor Listservs. The School representatives identify the eligible candidates who later on submit the application through their college before the deadline.

Q5- Does the student need to enroll immediately after he has received the Palmetto Fellow Scholarship?

Ans- Once the student has received the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship or has been selected as one, should enter the four-year full-time course. Yes, they should complete all the formalities as early as possible.

If any student chooses to take a break and delay their enrollment then they have to complete a reapplication form so that their eligibility could be reverified.

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