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Uttara University Ranking in 2023

Great people have said that education is the only way of light that can lead society to a new understanding the purity and growth. We all understand the exact significance of the lines. Educational institutions for this purpose are helping to lead society by spreading knowledge and inspiration. Uttara University is remarkably one of them. Bangladesh has such a beautiful university that has already become famous in a very short period of its establishment. For more than twenty years, the institute has handled millions of students properly. Not only nationally, but the impact that it left has seen an international occurrence.

Every year numerous students show their enthusiasm to get admission here with their respective subjects or studies. Students, even outside of the nation, are coming to the faculties for admission. Year after year, hundreds of successful students are coming out with their certifications, and a number of them are getting established successfully in their careers, inside or outside the country. This is how the reputation is increasing for the University. Somehow, this well-grown reputation is attracting more newcomers for the next academic session on the University campuses. Overall, Uttara University has now become a symbol of the nation – Bangladesh.

Uttara University History:

Uttara University is situated on the outskirts of Dhaka City. It has emerged as a centre of excellence for providing tertiary education in Bangladesh. The journey of the University started in 2003 with a few students and departments. Now, this University has grown into a full-fledged university that offers undergraduate and graduate programs and research opportunities. It is a nationally and internationally recognized university for its “Quality Education at Affordable Tuition”. The graduates at Uttara University and their job placements are reflections of the quality education of Uttara University. In this cosmopolitan campus, students can receive tertiary education and have the chance to prove their potential to face a global challenge in the job market. The prime objective of this institution is to help grow students professionally as well as personally. The University always helps them prepare for demanding corporate fields and develop their professional and rational skills.

Based on the Private University Act 2010, and according to the instruction by the Ministry of Education and the University Grants Commission, Uttara University was founded by a Trustee Board with different eminent and well-recognized educationists, economists and business people of international repute. The Honourable President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of this University, and Prof. Dr M. Azizur Rahman is the Vice-Chancellor. He is the founder and Ex-officio member of the Trustee Board of Uttara University. Prof. Dr Eaysmin Ara Lekha is the Pro Vice-Chancellor and the Co-founder of Uttara University.

Uttara University Ranking:

Uttara University ranking (UU) is a medium-sized (Top universities list enrolment range: 8,000-8,999 students) coeducational Bangladeshi higher education institution that the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh officially recognizes. The University ranks 11346 in a worldwide platform. It scores 82 among the Bangladeshi Universities. The total H index of the UU University among the 19525 universities is 8248. Among the 10121 universities in Asia, THE UU ranks 3199. This University currently ranks 62 among all the 168 universities in Bangladesh. Let’s see a table related to the previous and present rankings of the University.

Ranking according toAmong 168 universities in BangladeshAmong 10121 universities in AsiaAmong 19525 universities in the World
Total H Index8248319962
Last 5 years’ H Index8309342568
Last 5 years’ citations9048376471
Total i10 Index6980272148
Last 5 years’ i10 Index6954281252

The UU University Academic Structure:

Uttara University is organized into fourteen departments and five schools. The University offers 40 programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. There are more than 35 full-time professors, and every department has senior faculty members. However, The UU has been keeping its tuition fees low and maintaining the quality of education in line with its mission and vision. Its academic structure is as follows:

  • Department of Business Administration –
  • BBA
  • MBA
  • EMBA
  • Department of Computer Science & Engineering –
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering
  • M.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering –
  • B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Mathematics –
  • B.Sc. (Hons)
  • M.Sc. (Prelim)
  • M.Sc. (Final)
  • Department of Physics –
  • M.Sc. (Prelim)
  • M.Sc. (Final)
  • M.Sc. (Final)
  • Department of Civil Engineering –
  • B.Sc.
  • Department of Fashion Design & Technology –
  • B.Sc. in Fashion Design & Merchandising Tech
  • B.Sc. in Fashion Design & Tech
  • MBA in Apparel Merchandising & Fashion Management (1 Year)
  • MBA course in Apparel Merchandising & Fashion Management (2 Years)
  • Department of English –
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors
  • Master of Arts (Preliminary)
  • Master of Arts (Final)
  • MA in ELT (1 year)
  • MA in ELT (2 years)
  • Department of Textile Engineering –
  • B.Sc. in Textile Engineering
  • Department of Law –
  • LL. B Honors (4 years)
  • LL.M (1 year)
  • LL.M (2 years)
  • Department of Islamic Studies –
  • BA (HONS)
  • MA (2 years)
  • MA (Final)
  • Department of Bengali language: Bangla –
  • BA (HONS)
  • MA (2 years)
  • MA (Final)
  • Department of Education –
  • B.Ed. (Hons)
  • B.Ed.
  • M.Ed.
  • Department of Physical Education –
  • B.P. Ed
  • M.P. Ed

Uttara University has eight libraries, state-of-the-art computer laboratories, a Digital engineering laboratory, an English language audio-visual studio lab, EEE labs, Textile labs, Civil Engineering labs and a physics laboratory. Besides academics, the University offers so many facilities to the students who study here.

Fees structure at the UU:

Students at Uttara University will only have to face a few expenses regarding their studies. The university authority has designed a very pocket-friendly fee structure for the students so that they can afford each of their academic sections.

SubjectsBachelorsMasters (2 years)Masters (Finale)
BENGALI126,740.00 TK76,370.00 TK46,475.00 TK
ENGLISH367,520.00 TK134,650.00 TK73,075.00 TK
EDUCATION313,300.00 TK46,575.00 TK
MATHEMATICS183,400.00 TK108,850.00 TK59,675.00 TK
PHYSICS111,350.00 TK61,175.00 TK
PHYSICAL EDUCATION44,975.00 TK54,575.00 TK 
LAW495,880.00 TK94,850.00 TK
ISLAMIC STUDIES123,640.00 TK75,110.00 TK43,055.00 TK

Besides, there are only so many other subjects or departments where the fee structure is quite similar to these. So, it only takes a little from the students, and the authority offers several comfortable payment methods even to students coming from abroad.

Uttara University Scholarships & financial facilities:

This 19-year-old Bangladeshi higher-education institution has a selective admission policy based on students past academic records and grades. The admission rate is 80-90% making this Bangladeshi higher education organization a least selective institution. International applicants are welcome to apply for enrollment. The UU University also offers students several academic and non-academic opportunities and services, including a library, housing, sports facilities, financial aid and scholarships, study abroad and exchange programs, and administrative services.

Keeping in line with Uttara University’s mission and vision of providing education at low-cost tuition, a waiver committee sits every semester to match the costs of other private universities in Dhaka. Waivers and scholarships are provided in a competitive atmosphere enabling the University to carry on its reputation as an affordable higher education-providing institution while maintaining exclusive international standards of education.

The scholarships are provided in the range of 10%-100%, Special Waivers for Diploma students, merit-based scholarships and financial support to poor students. Successors of the Freedom Fighters and GPA-5 holders are allowed to study for free. Siblings & spouses are given additional financial waivers. Uttara University has partnered with Bank Asia to provide Student Support loans. It is a non-secured loan that even a guardian or a student can ask for support for the entire cost of the education. The UU is the first to introduce it after the Bangladesh Bank formally approves it. The University is ready to provide student loans from 50,000 to 5,00,000 TK (Taka). The UU has also developed its own Enterprise Resource Planning software, which gives students an easy, hassle-free, integrated experience.

The student clubs in the University are very active, and students are encouraged to participate in different events. The Binary Fest makes it to the newspapers annually and is organized by The UU. A few prominent sports personalities are alums of the Physical Education Department, and some TV show celebrities are part of the current student body. 50% of tuition scholarships are given to individuals who contribute to sports and culture.

Unique features of Uttara University:

The University was established to bring up the literacy rate of the country. Like the other 150+ universities, it also follows very common ethics, which is for society’s goodwill. Their goal is to contribute a significant role in the student’s career. This is why they have picked up “Quality education at an affordable tuition.” However, the UU maintain some features that specify it from the other universities and make it unique.

  • Experienced faculty members from home and abroad.
  • Senior Faculty Members in all Departments.
  • Collaborations with reputed universities in USA, UK, Malaysia
  • All the Faculty members, including VC & Pro-VC, have published a number of articles and publications & Journals.
  • Center for Research and Training (CRT)
  • Permanent Campus in Uttara 3rd Phase
  • Bus Service for the Students
  • Evening class, Friday open for Service Holders
  • Arranged seminars, workshops, and local/international conferences.
  • Overseas Credit Transfer Facilities
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Award and Dean’s list for Meritorious Students

Therefore, to achieve all these academic activities and research facilities along with international cooperation, the University has been making relentless efforts since its inception of this University.

Uttara University Contact Info:

Uttara university possesses two campuses right now. If you want to visit the main campus physically, here is the address for you: House-4 and 6, Road-15, Sector-6, Uttara Model Town, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. The other permanent campus is situated at Mirpur Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The phone numbers that the University provides are:

  • +8802-58952280
  • +8802-58951116
  • +8802-58955794

The other mobile numbers they provide:

  • 01872607360
  • 01872607361
  • 01872607362
  • 01872607363
  • 01872607364
  • 01872607365
  • 01872607366
  • 01872607368
  • 01872607369
  • 0170664328
  • 01932357444

Email address: [email protected]

Fax: 58952047

Website: www.uttarauniversity.edu.bd

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UttaraUniversity

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uttarauniversity/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Uttara_Varsity

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/UttaraUniversityofficial


The University has already introduced its window for admission to the next academic session – 2023. The registration had been started on November 23rd and continued till December 23rd. In fact, the University is providing a flat 30% discount on admission charges in any department celebrating its 20th anniversary. Besides, the students will get extra advantages and discounts depending on their application and candidature.

The University, over the years, has been dedicating its valuable part to the sake of building a brighter future for their country. There is no delay that Uttara university is yet to be one of the top 10 universities in Bangladesh. The progress and efficiency that the University has shown definitely claim an appreciation. The University all the time keeps offering numerous offers to the students. Thus, they have created a generous atmosphere all around campus that is truly helping and motivating a large number of students and even faculties.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.1. Is Uttara University UGC approved?

A.1. Yes. The University Grants Commission of Bangladesh approves Uttara University in Bangladesh.

Q.2. Who is the vice chancellor of Uttara University?

A.2. The name of the present vice chancellor of Uttara University is Professor Dr M. Azizur Rahman

Q.3. How many departments are there at Uttara University?

A.3. There are 14 overall academic departments at Uttara University – Department of Education, Department of Computer Science & Engineering,  Department of Mathematics, Department of Physical Education, Department of LAW, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,  Department of Textile Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering,  Department of Islamic Studies, Department of English, Department of Bengali, Department of Fashion Design and Technology, Department of Business Administration, and Department of Physics.

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