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American Dream Scholarship (2023)

Every student seeks better opportunities with a high quality of education and applies for various scholarships. Many universities offer thousands of scholarships depending on your talent and area of interest. By removing the constraint, it helps you achieve your career objectives. Obtaining a scholarship eliminates any financial problems. As a result, you will have more time to prepare, develop information, and improve your grades. The American Dream Scholarship, which assists eligible and selected candidates in pursuing their dream career and receiving the best and top level of education in their particular field of interest, is one of the topmost scholarships that many people dream about.

What is the American Dream Scholarship?

Let’s understand what exactly is an American Dream Scholarship. The American Dream Scholarship makes higher education a reality for students. This grant fills up the gaps left by other help and scholarships, allowing bright, deserving students to complete their studies. One of the members of the Greater Miami Community is Mitchell Wolfson Sr. Foundation. They understand the problems and difficulties many students face while planning to dream higher and other reasons that stop them from doing so. The American Dream Scholarship provides various scholarships for new, remaining, renewing, and transfer students. Scholarship eligibility is determined by a variety of characteristics, including academic program, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, residence, college organization, economic need, veteran status, and so on.

Eligibility criteria for the American Dream Scholarship Program?

There are a few criteria that any candidate must meet to get the American Dream Scholarship. The candidate must complete graduation or high school diploma or any diploma in Miami Dade County. It is also required that the student resides in the Miami Date County area. The grading criteria for the students must be equivalent to the graduation weightage of 3.00 GPA or above. For the September 2022 semester, you must be enrolled in MDC and enrolled for 12 or even more credits. The student needs to complete the 2022–2023 Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA).

How to apply for an American Dream Scholarship? 

If you are planning and if you fit the requirements and the eligibility criteria, your next step will be moving ahead and applying for the American Dream Scholarship. We are here to help you with the whole procedure the candidate must follow at the time of application.

As per the guidelines from the American Dream Scholarship, there is no special application an interested candidate must fill out. Normally, the candidate needs to gain admission to MDC (Miami Dade College) and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Once your details are received by the Miami Dade College, you get direct contact from the concerned department regarding the application’s success or issues if there will be any. It may take some time to complete this process, so leave enough time between when you submit your information to the college team.

GPA for the American Dream Scholarship

As per the criteria mentioned and introduced by the American Dream Scholarship, there is a minimum GPA required to be eligible for the benefits of the scholarship. Definitely, it’s not much, but a candidate must have a minimum of 3.00 GPA in their last semester.

The applicant needs to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) every year to get the American Dream Scholarship. Also, the candidate must take at least 12 credit points each semester. The candidate should also have a minimum of a two-year associate’s degree in a relevant field.

The American Dream Scholarship Deadline

It is mandatory to fulfil all the requirements before the deadlines to get the American Dream Scholar, as failure to do so may result in non-qualification. There are no options for readmission if the candidate does not meet the eligibility criteria. Understand that courses that are not passed or dropped after the 100% refund deadline count toward the scholarship’s 60 credit maximum. Incomplete or cancelled courses count toward the scholarship’s 60-credit maximum.

How much money do I need to pay for an American Dream Scholarship?

The fees vary depending on the place where the candidate is residing while pursuing the American Dream Scholarship. As per the program you choose, the fees vary and that also depends on the credit score you earned in your previous semesters. Once you match the eligibility criteria, one can connect with the admin department of Miami Dade College for the fee and scholarship structures.

Contact for American Dream Scholarship:

Email Address- [email protected]

Contact Info- 305-237-8888


Address- Miami Dade College, 300 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida-33132.


1780 W. 49th Street, Room 2101
Hialeah, Fl. 33012
Phone –305-237-9300
[email protected]

FAFSA School Code: E01296


500 College Terrace, Room A106
Homestead, FL 33030-6009
Phone –305-237-9300
[email protected]

FAFSA School Code: E00611


11011 SW 104 Street, Room R340
Miami, FL 33176-3393
Phone- 305-237-9300
[email protected]

FAFSA School Code: 004536


950 NW 20 Street, Room 1201
Miami, FL 33127-4693
Phone –305-237-9300
[email protected]

FAFSA School Code: 014632


11380 NW 27 Avenue, Room 1119
Miami, FL 33167-3495
Phone- 305-237-9300
[email protected]

FAFSA School Code: 010223


627 SW 27 Avenue, Room 1217
Miami, FL 33135
Phone 305-237-9300
[email protected]

FAFSA School Code: E00994


3800 NW 115th Avenue, Room 2108
Doral, Fl. 33178
Phone- 305-237-9300
[email protected]

FAFSA School Code: E40469


300 NE Second Avenue, Room 3115
Miami, FL 33132-2297
Phone- 305-237-9300
[email protected]

FAFSA School Code: 014631


To conclude, we would like to inform you that getting an American Dream Scholarship can be really beneficial if one takes the chance to apply and gets an opportunity to get one of the best scholarships, which is the American Dream Scholarship, for enhancing and upgrading your skills and career goals. The College encourages a deeper appreciation for the planet and all of its inhabitants through courses, seminars, fairs, and other activities. Miami Dade College encourages sustainable activities that lead to a positive environment, and it recognizes its obligation to protect the environment. Once certain scholarships, financial support, grants, and other money have been applied, the scholarship only covers in-state tuition and applicable class fees.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

Q1. What are the other types of scholarships the American Dream Scholarship provides?

Ans. There are numerous other types of scholarships which are offered by the American Dream Scholarship program where one can enroll and receive benefits and financial support as well to achieve their goals. One can also visit the official website to understand and explore more about the American Dream Scholarship:

Q2. Is a student residing at another location or abroad eligible for this scholarship?

Ans. Certainly, the American Dream Scholarship is only offered to students who are enrolled in Miami Dade College. The scholarship’s minimum criteria are that the candidate must complete the second-year degree course at the time of applying on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and fill in the required details.

Q3. What is the minimum waiting time once the details are submitted on the FAFSA portal?

Ans. As per the norms, Miami Dade College received your details within a minimum of 7 working days. Further, the eligibility is checked by the team and the candidate gets notified about the selection and future process, which needs to be done after cleaning the selection round.

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