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The Davis Putter Scholarship Information (2023)

Getting a scholarship is like getting a lottery ticket for further studies and provides great financial support in terms of studies in your specific area of interest. Luck totally depends on your knowledge. Its organization never sees your background or your economic and financial status. It’s for the ones who deserve to learn more and grow in perusing their dreams. The Davis Putter Scholarship is one such scholarship that can be of interest to students involved in the progressive struggle for economic justice.

What is the Davis Putter Scholarship?

Horace “Hockey” Davis created the Marian Davis Scholarship Fund in 1961 to honour his wife, Marian, a respected teacher and fighter for social equality and labour rights who was punished for her efforts. These demand scholarships are given to students who are capable of doing university-level academic work and who are active in the great awakening at their universities and in their localities.

The funds which are used to contribute to the benefit are raised by the individual donors for the organizations that take an initiative to help students by providing some financial support to grow their careers. The number of awards we can make and the amount of each one is directly proportional to the amount of funding we receive annually.

Eligibility criteria for the Davis Putter Scholarship:

To be considered for a Davis-Putter Scholarship, applicants need to be active in movements for social and economic justice. Put simply, activism is the most important requirement for a successful application. Early recipients of the award worked for civil rights, against McCarthyism, and toward peace in Vietnam; more recent grantees have been active in the struggles against racism, sexism, and homophobia.

The candidate should reside in the U.S. to get the benefits of the Davis Putter scholarship. Students who are able to conduct scholarly research at the undergraduate and graduate level or who are enrolled in a professional or technical school and are involved in the progressive movement are eligible for these need-based scholarships. This can be an advantage for the applicant if they are enrolling themselves in US activities or for those who are looking forward to working in the US.

Requirements for the Davis-Putter Scholarship: 

One of the most important things which is required to be eligible for the Davis Putter Scholarship is that the student should be residing in the USA or should be enrolled in any educational institution in the USA. This helps in the credit points which are considered at the time of selection for the candidates.

Active participation in civil rights, social equity, social solidarity, and some other progressive concerns is the first and most important criteria for the Davis-Putter Scholarship. Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply for the Davis Putter scholarship and take advantage of the support which is provided to the needy and eligible applicants.

Along with the eligibility and the requirements, there are also a few things that the applicant must have handy at the time of applying, which include the duly filled application form, which is available on the official website of the Davis Putter Scholarship, and a personal bank statement to show your current economic condition, on which it is decided to whom and how much funds to provide to a particular individual.

The applicant must also have the official transcripts of the education certificates and two copies of recommendation letters from the relevant organizations. The FAFSA form needs to be filled out and attached at the time of application. With this, the applicant must have some recent photographs of the documents to be pasted.

The Davis Putter Scholarship Deadlines:

Every year, a limited number of seats are available through the Davis-Putter scholarship to provide funds to the chosen candidate, but there are also deadlines that applicants must meet. Every year, the deadline is the first day of April to fill out the application for getting the scholarship. After application, the selected candidates are shortlisted and then contacted individually to complete the further process and verification.

Contact Information for the David-Putter Scholarship:

So, till now, we hope we have provided all the necessary information and the details one should be aware of about the David-Putter Scholarship. Now the question is, where and whom to contact if you are within the eligibility criteria and have all the requirements that are needed.

The very first step the applicant must follow is to visit the official website of the David-Putter Scholarship, www.davisputter.org, which is only active from the start of January and ends on March 31 every year. The application needs to be filled out on the website http://www.davisputter.org/apply/apply-for-scholarships/ by which all your details will be shared with the department for further procedures.

How much was paid by the Davis Putter Scholarship?

As per the updates by the organization of the Davis-Putter scholarship, the amount which is offered to the selected candidates varies as per their needs and economic background. So, there is no fixed fund that is provided by the organization. However, the candidate can receive up to $15,000 in funding.

Check List Before Submit Application:

  • Applicant’s Personal Statement
  • Transcripts of most recent academic assignments
  • The Student Aid Report (SAR) or FAFSA worksheet
  • Completed Application Form
  • Letters of recommendation from 2 people

Davis Putter Scholarship Contact Details

Davis Putter Scholarship Fund
P O Box 7307
New York, NY-10116-7307

Email At- [email protected]


In conclusion, if your details match the criteria and requirements, the applicant should apply as soon as possible to receive funds for their education and career through the David Putter Scholarship. Reducing the financial barrier, it assists you in achieving your career objectives. Obtaining a scholarship eliminates any financial problems. As a result, you will have more time for studying, developing information, and improving your grades.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. The Davis Putter Scholarship accepts all graduate programs

Ans. There are no special criteria the application must have with regard to the graduate programs. It can be any undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s, or doctorate degree as well. Also, any other professional degree course that provides the relevant funds is accepted. The Fund only gives out grants to students who are pursuing triple or additional advanced degrees on a very rare basis.

Q2. What is the maximum amount one can benefit from any type of degree?

Ans. As per the news and updates from the Davis-Putter Scholarship, the maximum benefits one can get is up to $15,000. One can put yourself in that position for life if you can persuade a college that you’re an excellent choice for a scholarship, comprehensive or not.

Q3. Is it possible to submit a special submission after the deadline?

Ans. No, this is the precise time-bound submission process to which the applicant should pay closer attention. No applications are accepted if not submitted within the deadline date, i.e., before April 1st.

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