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Boren Scholarship Information (2023)

A scholarship is a kind of financial aid or award to the student for proceeding with the education program. The scholarships are awarded based on academic merit, diversity and inclusion, athletic skill, and financial need. Generally, the program brings out the values and goals of the donor and the founder of the award. Boren Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship for students who wants to do language study.

What is a Boren scholarship?

The following scholarship is taken from the principal author of the legislation which created the

 National Security Education Program and the Boren Awards. The Boren scholarship is developed and made for the candidates who are looking for a fellowship abroad for language study. The scholarship helps to provide the funding for undergraduates and graduate students. The former application helps to obtain long-term linguistics and immersion abroad. The main focus of the program is to go for the U. The US government enlisted experts in language and other national security. The Boren scholarship or awards deals with the applicants for an immersion experience. The program also continues with the semester process and offers the STEM students or candidates pursuing a summer program. The completion of the Boren and its recipients gets the opportunity to fulfill the recruitment of Peace Corps or ROTC service.

How do you get a Boren award?

To obtain the Boren award, it is necessary to meet the qualified marks that change every year. The following criteria to pass and get the Boren award are,

  • The candidate must be a citizen of the U.S.
  • Must have passed high school or have a GED.
  • The candidate must be planning for an international trip to countries like Western Europe, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • The candidate is also required to study in a country where they are not citizens.
  • The enrollment procedure of schooling must be done at a well-renowned school.

One of the basic things about the Boren applications is to get good numbers in the examination that helps increasing the chance of winning.

How do you get a Boren fellow?

For applying and obtaining the Boren award there are three main methods to overcome them. They are,

Selection of the Program and Study Plan:

In the first instance, the application process proceeds with the program choice and the language study. The choosing procedure becomes hard but it can help to define and design the plan overseas. In the year 2021, the program was evaluated with the AFLI supporting the study of African languages which fall under Swahili, French, Wolof, Zulu, or Akan/Twi. On the other hand, the IFLI also supports the study of Indonesia. The SAFLI program supports South Asian languages such as Urdu and Hindi. On the other hand, TURFLI goes on with the support of the Turkish language and these are compliments of the current school curriculum.

Submission of the Budget:

The next step comes with the application process which requires a detailed budget of the room, board, travel, transportation, tuition fees, required textbooks, health insurance, and other expenses. The expenses are also included for online classes, academic campus, and essential insights.

Writing two essays:

The scholarship program requires you to go through two separate essays related to the mission. The first essay is based on the topic of national security and needs to aim at the country, language, and other importance of the U.S. The essays must be filled with how to immerse the language, how impactful the national security and how to contribute to the service of the country. In the second part of the essay, the topic relates to the abroad program and describes the activities, courses, language opportunities, and supportive features.

How do you win a Boren scholarship?

To win the Boren scholarship,the procedures like filling up the application, submitting it on time and giving time to oneself, and bringing out the textbooks to analyze and know information. The following essays must be filled out and get the wish come true by winning the scholarship.

Boren Scholarship Deadline:

The Boren scholarship goes through a strict discipline of deadlines. The timetables of deadlines change from time to time. The situations such as applying for a particular month,

August- The application of the cycle opens for the next year

Sept/October- The candidate is eligible to apply for the scholarship.

November- This is the time when the campus comes up with the deadline and makes the implementation process well.

Early January- The final deadlines of the campus get signified and the final submission gets accessed.

Mid-January – The campus gets a complete evaluation and gets feedback.

Late January – The deadline also gets the final application and the campus finalizes it.

Early Feb – The particular month is the Boren national deadline for the submission is finalized.

Mid-April- The recipients of the award are announced and notified.

Boren scholarship eligibility

The main eligibility to get the Boren scholarship is the candidate must be a citizen of the U.S must have passed high school with a good number of grades and must be obtained from a prestigious and certified school.

Boren scholarship Contact info:

The Boren scholarship goes through an annual timeline that maintains the deadline and the exact dates. The other details would be found on the website as given.

Mailing Address:

Boren Scholarships and Fellowships
Institute of International Education
1400 K Street, NW, 7th Flr
Washington, DC-20005-2403

Phone Number: 1-800-618-NSEP (6737)

Email : [email protected]


Final Words:

To receive the order requires the recipient to continue and maintain the minimum grade point. Some scholarships are available providing other kinds of awards such as monetary awards, tuition fees, housing, or other things. Boren scholarship has been helping several candidates in getting them to their dream school for further studies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1. Is the Boren scholarship prestigious?

Ans. The Boren scholarship is very prestigious in the U.S and provides the facilities to study abroad.

Q2. What languages could be used to study?

Ans. The languages that could be used to study is Asian, Middle Eastern, African, and Eastern and Central European languages.

Q3. How many components are used in the scholarship program?

Ans. In Boren scholarship the usage of the components is of 6 types. The types are a selection of the program, a detailed budget, writing two essays, letters of reference, transcripts, and language self-assessment.

Q4. What are the uses of essays in the scholarship program?

Ans. The essays are important to cover and predict how much knowledge the student is engraved with.

Q5. What is a competitive applicant?

Ans. In the case of competitive applicants it states about the sincere commitment to the government work and interest in cultural engagement.

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